Refugio Colmena las Mariolas

Jungle Paradise

Refuge Colmena las Mariolas consists of more than 100 hectares of primary and secondary forest that has managed to survive thanks to the permanent effort for more than 25 years of the Alfalit Association, an integrated group by people permanently committed to contributing to the conservation of the forests in the region. You can stay support our work by visiting our refuge on vacation, for research or retreats.


Its name mariolas is symbolic, the mariolas are small bees that produce exquisite honey and have no stinger and therefore do not stings. Without bees there is no pollination, there is no agriculture, there is no food, there are no animals, there is no human life. Naturally, the farm promotes the life of bees and their hives, when climate change and the overuse of pesticides threatens life on the planet.

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Explore the Jungle

Pure Wild

Amazing Nature Tours

We offer day and night tours through our primary and secondary forest where you will have the unique opportunity to see birds, frogs, sloths, monkeys and many more animals of Costa Rica’s caribbean coast.

Day Trip

Cahuita National Park

Our Refuge is located near Carbon II between Puerto Viejo and Cahuita. This makes a day tour in Cahuita National Park an easy and stress free adventure. The park is known for its calm beaches and spectacular reef snorkeling as well as an abundance of wildlife.